The Benefits of Working With a Full Service Visual Communication Agency

Shape USA prides itself in being a full service visual communication agency. We not only specialize in renderings, but we also offer a variety of design solutions to meet all of your specific needs. While working with different vendors may be your company policy or norm, there are many benefits to working with one preferred vendor, such as Shape USA. 


Shape offers the convenience of serving as the “one stop shop” for all of your visual needs. There’s no need to have numerous email chains with various vendors. In working with Shape, we view ourselves as a direct extension of your team, and treat communication in the same manner. When there are various design deliverables included in your project, our team will continually share progress for each item, ensuring that they are delivered in a timely manner. The convenience of having one project manager, who in turn works with our team of designers, ensures that you don’t have to juggle different contacts, project statuses or headaches. 

Cohesive Design

In the past you may have had one vendor tackle floor plans, another handle renderings, and another coordinating sales room marketing materials. While they may have produced great work, were they all cohesive? In working with Shape, you can rest assured that branding and design will remain consistent across all deliverables, as we will be handling all of your visual components. You no longer have to worry about going back and forth sharing visuals between vendors to ensure you nail down a cohesive design – our designer just has to turn to their neighbor and handle it for you. 

Cost Efficient Packages

We keep your budget top of mind at all times and aim to provide competitive pricing and cost efficient packages to our clients. We often suggest customizing packages to have additional visual components, as we can efficiently provide more visuals and get you more bang for your buck. For example, if you are looking for a 360 video solution, our project manager may suggest that you also include floor plans and renderings within your package. Our team of designers can produce the floor plan and renderings directly from the 360 video, allowing you to have even more marketing materials on hand. 

Custom Solutions

Shape USA works with a variety of clients across various industries and verticals. Sometimes our clients honestly don’t know what they want, but they know that they have an upcoming project that needs to be showcased in a new and unique manner. That’s where Shape comes in. Our designers think outside of the box, and can provide a fresh perspective and creative solutions. From designing exhibit booths, providing hologram visuals for showrooms, to 3D printing site plans, Shape USA is always up for the challenge. Bring us your problem and we will find the perfect solution. 

Interested in learning more about Shape USA? Contact us and a team member will be in touch shortly to share more information on how we can work together.